Becoming: For black girls who considered being stereotypes when the world was not enough

I am smart. Like really smart.  Like I read a lot and work even harder kind of smart. But I'm also the smart that doesn't need to work that hard to be smart kind of smart. The smart that has made sure I made through university with good grades but not always the top of my class kind of smart. Nevertheless, I am smart.

I am also pretty. Like really pretty. Like I get hit on left, right and center kind of pretty. But I'm also the beat my face so hard that I could be a model kind of pretty. The pretty that takes work. The pretty that has heads turning. The pretty that I sometimes think doesn't exist when I look in the mirror. Nevertheless, I am pretty.

I am also sexy. Like really sexy. Like I get into any dress and many will go crazy kind of sexy. But I'm also the I won't eat too much at dinner so my waist still looks this tiny kind of sexy. The cellulite, stretch marks and darkness under my ass but still sexy kind of sexy. Nevertheless, I am sexy.

I am also opinionated. Like really opinionated. Like I've interrupted my teachers to challenge them on their views all my life kind of opinionated. Like I've been told to be more poise and less aggressive because I'm a girl kind of opinionated. I've spent many moments apologizing for asking a question in class kind of opinionated. Nevertheless, I am opinionated.

There was a time I thought I could not be all these women at once. Like I had to choose between being smart and a little opinionated or pretty and a whole of lot of sexy. In becoming I realised I don't have to choose, I'm a complex being who is capable of being anything and everything I want - when I want.

Becoming has no boundaries, except the ones we put for ourselves.