#DatingWhileFeminist should be categorized as an extreme sport [Post 2]

Just as Tshepiso was about to give up on his quest for an ATM, he bumped into Aobakwe.
"Sorry Ausi."
Aobakwe kept walking.
"Hi, can you help me please?"
He followed her.
"Hi. What do you need?"
"Do you know where Standard Bank is?"
She was in a hurry, so she quickly pointed in the direction of the ATM and continued on her way.

"Thank you!" he shouted. With a faint wave she acknowledged his gratitude. She eventually turned back, to glance at him. He was tall and well built. His shoulders were broad and his arms flung in the air as he walked in the opposite direction. She dwelled on the irritation that was in her voice when she asked "What do you need?" She thought he must think she is rude.  "This is why you're single!" she joked to herself.

As she paid for her parking ticket, there was Tshepiso again. She spotted him before he saw her and she quickly licked the dryness off her lips.

"Did you find it?"
"Yeah, thank you."

They smiled at each other. Aobakwe took the plunge and asked Tshepiso for his number. Soon, the two were talking endlessly on the phone and could not stop texting each other. They agreed on a dinner date and they met at Aobakwe's favourite sushi restaurant. She chose it because it was familiar - all the waiters knew her.

Their conservation was never ending and when they exhausted one topic they swiftly flowed into another one. Silence was filled with laughter and the only interruptions came in the form of the waiter asking if they needed anything. The final interruption was when the manager came to tell them that they were about to close. They hadn't noticed how the restaurant had emptied over the past four hours.

They were in the parking lot again, a place Aobakwe thought was magical for them. His car was closer so they hopped in and drove to the opposite side of the mall to find her car. He parked next to her car, came around to open her door and as she exited his passenger seat they both came in for a kiss. Their kiss, which was proof that indeed parking lots were magical, continued until they were both out of breathe. As they came up for air he whispered into her ear, "Your place or mine?" With a naughty look on her face she answered, "Both. You go to your place and I go to mine."

In an instant, the magic quickly turned into negotiation - with Tshepiso as the Chief Negotiator and Aobakwe the kidnapper of her own body.