#DatingWhileFeminist should be categorized as an extreme sport [Post 3]

Kutlwano was at the peak of her career. She had graced the covers of every magazine, been on all the lists of "The Top 30 Under 30", "Most Influential Young People", "10 Women to Watch" and had become the one of the most trusted voices when it came to reproductive rights. She had started numerous NGOs and dedicated her life to her passion - making sure young women and girls have full autonomy over their vaginas.

She was also madly in love with Tshepo, her first and only love. Tshepo and Kutlwano knew each other before they were even born. "Our mothers were best friends, they have been best friends before they even met our fathers." Their love story was one they both told with so much pride and happiness. They only started dating when they left home for university and they kept it a secret from their families until they graduated. Tshepo was often ridiculed for helping out with her community projects when they still younger, but he understood why this work was important to her.

They had never thought about marriage and never married. Life was about them being together and enjoying it with whatever it came with. This time, life came with three positive home pregnancy tests after she had missed her period for two months. She hadn't noticed until she was at one of her clinics giving a talk about the importance of knowing your cycle.

How ironic. The woman who dedicated her entire life to reproductive rights was pregnant and she did not want to be.

Tshepo knew that Kutlwano did not want children and he has never tried to convince her otherwise. Life was good; they were both excelling in their careers, giving back to the community that raised them and most importantly, they were together. That night when she got home and told Tshepo about the pregnancy, he was excited. There was a sense of repose and joy on his face which caused anxiety on hers.

And there it was, the moment they both knew that it was over.