A former partner and I were going out for dinner. I had taken my braids out and styled my Afro. It was an impromptu kind of style (that's the beauty of kinky coily hair). We got to the restaurant and as we waited for the food he asked "What have you done to your hair?"
I was unimpressed, not by his question but the tone in which he asked it, as if he wondered what could have possibly made me think I could go out like that. Dinner was long and tense. And every time I undo my braids, I always remember this dinner date and how self-conscious I became of myself.

Today was no different so I decided to create new memories and attach more of positivity to the relationship I have with undoing my braids, which to be honest can be a schlep.

Blogger and creative Yagazie Emezi says she is "dedicated to the cultural preservation of the African aesthetic" and that is what gave me the idea to take the pictures. Here's to not only calling out what is wrong with how blackness, and specifically our hair, is represented and talked about but to actively creating the positive narratives we yearn for.