[GIVEAWAY] Koleka Putuma's #CollectiveAmnesia

I am living my best Oprah Winfrey life and giving away free things! I will be gifting three lucky people with a copy of theatre director, writer and poet Koleka Putuma’s debut poetry anthology, Collective Amnesia. (I read a few poems this morning and LOST MY MIND!) This competition holds a special place in my heart for three reasons:

1. I love poetry.
2. I love Koleka Putuma.
3. And I love it when Black womxn do the most!

I’ve loved Koleka forever and continue to be in absolute awe of her brilliance – both as a writer and performer. Her work inspires and influences my own writing and her excellence is consistent. From the few poems I have read, I know Collective Amnesia is nothing short of amazing.

Collective Amnesia is a stunning, complex exploration of the connections between personal and political memory. Separated into three chapters, Inherited Memory, Buried Memory and Postmemory, the book reads as a deeply personal diary and as a public reflection on the ever-shifting politics of identity, in a country that is still deeply troubled by the past’s complicated legacies,” writes Maneo Mohale.

You can be one of three lucky winners by being the first to answer all the questions below correctly. The competition will run for an hour and the winners will be announced at 8pm on my Twitter page. To be eligible to win, you must live in South Africa.

Good luck!