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BuzzFeed: 16 Stories That Will Expand Your Mind On International Women’s Day

On International Women's Day, BuzzFeed news reporter, Jina Moore, listed me as one of the world's badass woman. This is for the work I have done with regards to menstrual health in South Africa. She writes: 

"Journalist Pontsho Pilane has made it her job to cover her country’s tampon tax, and other structural barriers to hygiene, along with other women’s health issues."

In this article she specifically refers to my story, available here, of what a 13-year-old girl went through at home and at school just to be able to live like a normal human that one week of the month.

(Side note: I am still reeling at the fact that BuzzFeed actually covered my work!)

You can read the full list below. 

The Daily Maverick Show (Cliff Central)

I sat down with Cliff Central's Kingsley Kipury for an hour where I speak earnestly and honest about the things that matter to me - feminism, #FeesMustFall, menstruation and switching to health journalism.

SowetoTV's Tonight with Tim Modise

In November 2016, I presented a policy document to parliament about what needs to be done for South Africa to provide free sanitary pads, I joined Tim Modise to discuss why the reality of a tampon tax is an untenable one.

Marie Claire New Voices

Together with other amazing women, in March 2016 I was featured in the magazine's new voices section. 

Vanguard Magazine's The Code Switch

In the eternal pursuit to reach Solange Knowles levels of being care-free black girl, Vanguard Magazine founder and editor (and a friend of mine) Panashe Chigumadzi created The Code Switch. It is a talk show that dealt with different issues that young, black women have to deal with in post-apartheid South Africa. The show was hosted by Panashe; myself, Obenewa Amponsah, Masehletse Lucy Balimba, Sebenzile Nkambule and Nozuko Mapoma were the cast. This was such an honest platform where we shared some of our experiences – from shortening your name to accommodate your non-black colleagues to issues around lobola.

The first episode deals with code-switching and what it means to each of us.

You can watch the other episodes on Vanguard’s Youtube page.

Cultural Appropriation - Radio 702

In 2014, we saw mainstream media focus on women's buttocks. Much to my disapproval, twerking gained popularity as if it hasn't been happening on our continent for years. After the controversial Vogue article about us being "in the era of the booty", I was so touched on my studio that I wrote a reporter’s notebook (The Daily Vox word for an Op-Ed) on the continuous appropriation by white people on all things black. For example, the increase popularity of twerking is attributed to Miley Cyrus.

Here’s my article on why appropriation is a form of oppress and black women , like me, did not need the approval of Vogue magazine to love our bodies.

I also did a radio interview on Radio 702 discussing the article.

I Am Madiba - PowerFM

To commemorate the first anniversary of the late president Nelson Mandela's death, Power FM ran a campaign called I Am Madiba, where they profiled young South Africans that are pioneers in their field. To quote the host of Power Drive, Thabiso ‘TT’ Thema, I Am Madiba is about showcasing young South Africans that are living up the legacy of uTata.

I spoke about The Daily Vox and the #sexistSA project and what Madiba means to me.